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MTC will maximize the potential of each student using methodology of modern tennis. We cover the mental, physical, technical and tactical aspects of the game of tennis. We connect you to the game with a passion for the sport of tennis. Our philosophy is similar to that of the premier academies in the world. We have a highly trained group of instructors committed to our program. They are able to communicate through drills, exercises and competitive match play.

MTC is also connected with some of the finest tennis academies and coaches in the world. We work in close association with Sanchez Casal Tennis Academy and Tandil Tennis Academy. Our students receive the finest individualized instruction as well as group training. As a result, this gives our students the best chance to achieving their goals. 

We are located at Franklin Lakes Racquet Club in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

803 Susquehanna Ave, Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417

Phone: 201-264-6820


At Modern Tennis Connect we believe that every player can reach his or her potential with the right philosophy and proper coaching. With over 20 years of teaching modern tennis, all of the tennis techniques used at MTC are based on the most current research and have been used in many countries throughout the world. Founder, Jorge Aguirre, has given numerous seminars in England over the course of several years, creating a new way of teaching tennis in the United Kingdom.

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