We are a consultant company specializing in tennis at all levels. We deal with local to international associations and federations including the following:

ITF (International Tennis Federation)
WTA (Women’s Tennis Association)
ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals)

We have partnerships with the best academies in the world and with the most experienced tennis professionals at all levels. Our partners are tennis professionals with a passion for helping students improve and taking them to the next level. These professionals have had a relationship with us for many years and that relationship was established based on a passion and a love for the game of tennis, not for financial gain. 

Every individual is different and each player has a different need. Each player interacts differently with different coaches and not everyone fits the model of a big academy. Not everyone is able to travel with a coach for many weeks at a time. 

Many parents and coaches want to know what the next step is for their children and their students. They ask the following questions:
Should we still be playing junior tournaments in the local federation?

Do we need to play ITF?
Do we need to play Futures?
How do we do it?

Many times not following the right path takes people in the wrong direction. Therefore they stay where they are and miss the opportunity to move forward. 

“If you are not moving forward, you are moving backwards.”
Andre Agassi 

Not taking the right steps can decide the career of a tennis player. Sometimes it is too late to come back after you realize that you made a wrong turn as a result of not knowing the best way to proceed. Many people guess what they should do because they don’t have a basic knowledge of how to succeed in tennis. There are a lot of tennis players at every level with a lot of talent, discipline, good work ethics, and etc. But because of the wrong decisions they made, they were never able to make it to the next level. And they did not understand why this happened. 

Choosing the right tennis academy, knowing if you are the right fit for a group environment, and choosing a coach or a traveling coach are all crucial decisions that need to be made. It is also important to decide which tournaments to play in and whether to play up or play in your own age group.